Download Granny Chapter 3 Full Version for PC Free

Download Granny Chapter 3 Full Version for PC Free


The Granny horror series is back in the third installment of the series, Granny 3. The game is published by DVloper. Destroying a window with a slingshot is tricky.

In Grandma 3, Grandma and Grandpa moved into a new old mansion with a moat and a high wall around it to protect or make escape attempts difficult.

About Granny Chapter 3

This time, their granddaughter Slendrina joins them and helps prevent their prisoner from escaping. With Slendrina the game becomes a little bit hard to play and escape. But that's okay because it makes the game more fun and exciting.

You can protect yourself from Grandma and Grandpa with one or two different weapons. There are five different levels extreme, normal, easy, and practical.

With the inclusion of Slendrina, you can look at a different gameplay in Granny 3. Let's discuss in more detail about the new things you can expect while playing this arcade horror game.

Download Granny Chapter 3 Full Version for PC Free


When you play the game, the complete gameplay is still much similar to the old one Granny Chapter 2. Your ultimate goal is still to escape from Grandma's house within 5 days or you will be eliminated.

The house will still be full of traps, secret rooms, and locked doors that you will have to figure out. Babiš is still a scarecrow who has excellent hearing and immediately runs in the direction of the sound. Grandpa is still a hard-of-hearing person.

I think apart from that, is almost everything new in Granny Chapter 3. The house itself is unique, meaning the layout will be different from the previous game series.

Download Granny Chapter 3 Full Version for PC Free

This means that you will have to explore the place again, find out that it is secret and how to get out. Your game will start in a prison cell or a closed room with a door, so I think it will be a new experience for us. Grandpa now also holds a shotgun and will automatically shoot anything that moves. The most noticeable change in Granny 3 would of course be Slendrina.

The New Character (Slendrina)

Grandma and Grandpa's granddaughter brings a whole new dynamic to the game. You don't only have to watch out for two, as there is also Slendrina to watch out for. But it's hard to deal with her because she's a character that only appears from time to time.

There's nothing to trigger her arrival, so you'd just be shocked to see her. Her character in Granny 3 is to make your stop in the mansion more difficult so could not escape. It is important not to look at her because her gaze kills. You can also read:

Granny Chapter 3 Features

  • Unlock hidden doors and discover different secrets
  • Avoid Grandma, Grandpa, and Slendrina as you escape.
  • Change the difficulty of the game according to your skill level.
  • Test your skills when you run out of grandma's house again.

System Requirements for Grandma Chapter 3

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core TM i5 750
  • Graphics: Radeon HD 5770
  • Memory: 4 Gb
  • Storage: 560 Mb

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